EV Solar Charger Systems

The New $7,500.00 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit And The 30% Solar System Federal Tax Credit Is Here !

If you've been considering a grid tie solar system for your home or business, and you've been eyeing one of those slick new Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt EVs and the idea of driving around on free fuel for life sounds appealing, well then it's now time to celebrate!

With a $0 down solar loan instead of an expensive lease or PPA and our unbeatable pricing on name brand rooftop, ground mount or carport EV solar charging systems, you'll finally say goodbye to high gasoline prices!


You'll Be Singing "Money For Nothing And Your Trips For Free"


EV Solar Charger By Sunertia

A Body In Motion Tends To Stay In Motion "Motion Longer" With A SunertiaTM High Efficiency PHEV/EV Solar Charging System.

EV Solar Charger Picture 

Here's Just A Few Advantages Of Owning An EV Solar Charger

Cash rebates from many states and utilities.

30% Federal tax credit applies to carport structure and solar equipment.

Increases your property's resale value.

No penetration of your home's roof.

No concerns about which direction you home's roof is pointed at.

Shade protection for your vehicle.

Dramatically reduces your electrical consumption.

Beautifies your home.

Reduces your carbon footprint.

Qualifies for RECs Renewable Energy Credits in many states.

Drive your electric vehicle on free energy from the Sun.


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Our tech support staff's knowledge of grid tie solar applications is backed by over 14 years of experience.

We've operated one of the oldest solar repair centers in the U.S. for well over a decade so our staff knows exactly what makes a great solar product right down to the last schottky diode.

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